About Workwell Leaders

Started in May 2018 as an action-oriented network of cross-industry private and public sector leaders, WorkWell Leaders is a registered charity in Singapore. It is the only non-profit collective of CEOs and leaders singularly focused on championing workplace mental health and wellbeing as a strategic priority and board agenda, beyond merely a HR responsibility.

Workwell Leaders

Why Workplace
Mental Wellbeing
Must Be A
Strategic Priority

Employers who actively take care of employee mental health perform better and are more successful at attracting and retaining top talent.

Economic Burden

The burden of lost productivity due to anxiety and depression in Singapore is S$15.7 billion (US$11.72 billion) annually or 2.9% of GDP (Duke-NUS Medical School and the Institute of Mental Health, 2023)

Widespread Work Stress

Employees at risk of burnout increased from 63% to 81% from 2019 to 2022 (Mercer, 2023)

Singapore Needs Urgent Action

Singaporean workforce has the worst mental health across Southeast Asia, with employees claiming the lowest levels of engagement, job satisfaction, and overall quality of life. (Intellect, 2023)

Workplace Wellbeing Starts with CEOs

37% of C-Suite say that more focus on being health-savvy has made them better leaders. 34% state it has made their job more rewarding (DeLoitte, 2022)

Return on Investment

For $1 invested in workplace adjustments for mental health, a return of $5.65 has been reported by 500 companies in Singapore (NCSS, 2019)

CEOs and organisations from leading brands join WorkWell Leaders taking care of over 135,000 employees in Singapore