The national WorkWell Leaders Awards 2024 saw 400 CEOs and their teams, representing 46 organisations, celebrate best practices in addressing systemic change in workplace wellbeing. President Tharman Shanmugaratnam generously graced the occasion urging corporate leaders to be “beacons” of a “culture of empathy” via a video address. The Awards are unique in setting a standard for workplace wellbeing that drives business outcomes as well as the leadership behaviours that underpin cultural change.

As the most recognised industry event on workplace mental wellbeing, the awards saw a 50% increase in total awards nominations received year-on-year, recognising the value placed by employers on attracting and retaining top talent as an imperative for business growth.

Across two award categories of BE WELL (recognising leadership) and LEAD WELL (recognising organisation-wide programmes), the award winners demonstrated courage, compassion, commitment, and clarity in creating safe, inclusive, and resilient workplaces.

Wellbeing Organisation of the Year Award
Wellbeing Organisation of the Year Award

Otis International Asia Pacific

Wellbeing CEO Award

Dr Prem Kumar Nair, IHH Healthcare

CEO’s Wellbeing Partner Award

Clarence Ti, National University of Singapore

Wellbeing Innovation Award

PSA Corporation

ESG Wellbeing Strategy Award

National University of Singapore

Healthy Workplace Culture Award

Otis International Asia Pacific