Effective organisational leadership begins with the proactive management of the leader’s own wellbeing. CEOs set the tone and culture of the organisations they lead, so they must Be Well themselves in order to Lead Well. The Be Well – Lead Well concept anchors the WorkWell Leaders’ approach to programming and how we build capability across the 4Cs of Courage, Compassion, Commitment and Clarity.

The WorkWell Leaders Programme

Workwell Leaders

To learn more about our Be Well and Lead Well Programmes, please navigate the directory below.

Be Well

CEO Dialogue

Twice yearly closed-door gatherings for CEOs to discuss pragmatic solutions of Being Well to Lead Well in a safe space.

CEO Commit

A step-by-step guide developed for CEOs to manage their own wellbeing across all dimensions of their lives and to help them better empathise with the wellbeing of team members.

CEO Connect

A peer support program that allows CEOs to share personal wellbeing challenges and insights, fostering honest conversations among leaders.

CEO Breathe

Monthly mindfulness sessions for CEOs to enhance focus, clarity, and interpersonal connections while promoting wellbeing and encouraging the integration of mindfulness in work environments.

Lead Well


Designed for HR and operations leaders, these sessions offer practical wellbeing solutions, encourage knowledge sharing, and promote awareness of available resources.


Collaborative training with knowledge partners, to provide a deep dive into wellbeing issues, such as organisational mental health frameworks, peer support group establishment, and employee reintegration after mental health challenges.


A members-only assessment of corporate mental health service providers, aiding informed choices for employee wellbeing.


WorkWell Leaders Awards & Gala to establish a national standard for best practices in employee and leadership wellbeing and culture that drive business outcomes.