CEO Luminaries

Launched in 2024, the CEO Luminaries Series spotlights veteran leaders who have accrued invaluable experience as people-centred changemakers. These luminaries bring a wealth of knowledge to the forefront, sharing the lessons and experiences that have shaped their respective “Be Well, Lead Well” journeys.

1st CEO Luminaries

On 1 March 2024, WorkWell Leaders held the inaugural session of the brand new CEO Luminaries series featuring Piyush Gupta, Group CEO of DBS, and Managing Director of McDonald’s Singapore Benjamin Boh.

Held in the DBS office in Asia Central, the session saw over 20 CEOs from disparate industries come together to learn from one another. With WorkWell Leaders chairperson Anthea Ong as moderator, leaders discussed an array of hard-hitting topics like the struggles of building healthy workforces in times of crisis, seeking psychiatric help as a leader, and solutions to electronic overload.

This is the essence of WorkWell Leaders’ #Be Well Lead Well ethos — creating opportunities for resonance and sharing among leaders so they feel empowered to better serve their teams.